Company Address

Your home is your castle, but as a freelancer you need a registered company address and postbox? Basis08 makes your wishes come true: we provide your registered address and postbox.

Separating your personal and your business life is of great importance to freelancers, particularly your home address. You should have our address on your business card. In future you should can establish your office address for business correspondence and deliveries at Basis08 in 1080 Vienna. Then your home will remain a place of peace and serenity.

Your Company Address at Basis08

Company Address Standard

The plan Company Address Standard includes:

Your representative office address, your company address for correspondence and deliveries in 1080 Vienna

  • A lockable postbox at Basis08
  • Fiscally and legally suitable
  • We can include your logo on our website and backlink to your own site
  • Safe and absolutely reliable
Your company address at Basis08

Company Address Plus

Booking Company Address Plus gives you the following additional benefits: You occasionally need a location for meetings and negotiations in Vienna? You need a suitable professional setting with a quiet atmosphere for focused work? Great! Your Company Address plan can be combined with the use of a desk for a day and booking a meeting room.

The Plus package includes the following benefits in addition to the features of the standard Company Address:

  • 4 hours use of the Meeting Room per month
    (50% discount on any booking beyond that)
  • 50% discount on FlexDesk daily tickets
  • Space for a company sign with logo in the overall format of 10 x 30 cm (3.9" x 11.8")
  • E-mail notification when you get a mail delivery
  • Safe and absolutely reliable
Put Basis08 in the legal notice on your website

Company Address Mini

You do not want to provide your home address on your website's legal imprint? The solution is the Company Address Mini.

Contact Details

Want to get more details and infos or send requests to Basis08?

Tel.: +43 1 924 66 60
Address: Stolzenthalergasse 6/1A
1080 Wien